Name  Aero-club de Doncourt 
Street  Aeroport de Doncourt les Conflans 
District  26 km West of Metz 
Place  Conflans 
Country  France 
Built  1953 
Designed  1938 
Type  Youth hostel 
Condition  Changed 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Co-operating  Jaques Oge, Jean Prouvé 
Reference  Le Corbusier en France
Description  In 1938 Phillipe Serre let built a youth hostel by J.Ogé and Le Corbusier. The second world war prevented the completion of this building. In 1952 J.Ogé and Le Corbusier worked together using a Prouvé roof to finish the building in 1953. Now it is a bar of the aero club and the tender is living in the area that was intended as the youth hostel.