Name  Siedlungs-Doppelhaus 
Street  Woinovichgasse 13,15,17,19 
District  XIII 
Place  Vienna 
Country  Austria 
Built  1932 
Designed  1930 
Type  House 
Condition  good 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Co-operating  Kulka 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 208
Description  Nice small Loos houses serve as an example at the Werkebundsiedlung in Vienna of 1932. In these houses the ‘raumplan’ would be demonstrated to the public for the first time. Originally these houses were planned for the werkebundsiedlung in Stuttgart in 1927, but after an argument with the authorities (Loos was accused of having anti German feelings), his place at the Weissenhof siedlung was given to Victor Bourgeois. It will be clear that here in Vienna, five years after Stuttgart, the ‘raumplan’ was no longer the hot issue as Loos had built several ‘raumplan’ houses already.