Name  Villa Josephine Baker 
Place  Paris 
Country  France 
Designed  1927 
Type  House 
Condition  Own interpretation of Loos's plan 
Photos by  Studio Agram 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 191
nooit gebouwd loos  
Description  This would be an alternation of two adjacent houses into a villa with swimming pool for the American showgirl Josephine Baker, who was then a big cabaret star in Paris. It was meant to have a small establishment in the house as well. The private area of the house, on the second floor, existed only out of two bedrooms. The entrance was placed under the round tower, which purpose was not quite clear. There are three original photographs of the model, and on each of these pictures the tower has a different size or configuration. The big staircase, for the guests, leads up toward the light. The backdoor is around the corner next to the garage with a stair leading direct to the first floor. Behind the garage there is an elevator leading only to the second floor. It is thinkable that the small spiral stair and the small elevator left and right of the main entrance should be exchanged when you look to their source in the cellar. From the saloon or drawing-room, depends on how you call it, there is a gallery around the swimming pool under water level with windows looking into the pool. At the end of this gallery there is a small cafe in the round tower just above the main entrance. In some books there is a suggestion that in the round tower there might be a stair to the roof, no drawings were found to affirm this idea. On the other hand you could think of a water reservoir and/or technical devices for the pool in the round tower above the cafe. From the saloon a big spiral staircase leads to the second floor with dining-room, swimming-pool and bed rooms. The two bedrooms have sliding doors between them. The black and white bands on the facade is an attempt to hold the total together.