Name  Zweifamilienhaus 
Place  Paris 
Country  France 
Designed  1926 
Type  House 
Condition  Own interpretation of Loos's plan 
Photos by  Studio Agram 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 186
nooit gebouwd loos  
Description  It is more than likely that this house was planned in Paris. Here we see the configuration that Loos loved to design: symmetrical on the outside and chaotic on the inside. Apparently a semidetached house, but house one contains the first three floors and house two contains the two upper floors. House one demonstrated a strong affinity to Haus Stross (153). At the same time the personnel of house one lives on the ground floor and have their own entrance. The residents of house two have an entrance around the corner with their own staircase. The occupiers of house one have their own spiral staircase to their roof garden. The plans by Adolf Loos where so insecure that we decided develop two different versions. The main argument was about the stairs of house one. Another problem was the position of the bedroom floor of house two.