Name  Torre Sansalvador 
Street  Paseo de Nostra Sra. de Coll 
Place  Barcelona 
Country  Spain 
Built  1909 
Designed  1909 
Type  villa 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Reference  Josep M.Jujol 50
J. M. Jujol by ir R. Saariste and ir V. Ligtelijn  
Description  In 1909 the physician Salvador Sansalvador asked his good friend Jujol to build two houses for him on a recently acquired plot. One for himself and one to be let. The estate was on a hill behind Park GŁell, and the sloping terrain is terraced in the same way as the park. To start with a vast wall was built around the site. Jujol commenced the first house on the lower part - Sansalvador's summer residence. Construction progressed slowly and money was in short supply. Work was stopped when a height of two meters had been reached, because, in 1915, a very deep mineral spring had been discovered during construction. The client was also the owner of a water bottling company, Aguas Radial, and he wanted to exploit the spring. Bottling rooms were built below ground; above ground there was a ramp leading to the spring. Carts could enter the site through a large gate in the wall. However, the house was never completed, only the bottling plant, which has now fallen into disrepair. The plans for the second house were only submitted in 1917, but Sansalvador was no longer interested in it as his own residence. It was built (and was later to be given the name of Torre Queralt) with a view to letting, and set apart on a higher section of the plot.