Name  Villa Plesch 
District  Near Paris 
Place  Croissy-sur-Seine 
Country  France 
Designed  1924 
Type  House 
Condition  Own interpretation of Loos's plan 
Photos by  Studio Agram 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 178
nooit gebouwd loos  
Description  Near Paris in Croissy-sur-Seine, Loos planned this terraced house. Between the two terraces there is a basin planned of which the purpose is not clear, is it for swimming, is it an aquarium or just a pool for growing aquatic plants. The terraces are composed in a rigid way unlike those in the Tzara house. A combination of terrace building and raumplan form the basis of this design. As usual in Loos designs there are problems to detect the front door. When you visit the proposed building site it is clear that the terraces are directed to the river, but you also approach the house from this side. To conclude with some remarks on the configuration of the house itself: On the top floor the servants are housed. The fireplace is pushed through the outside wall. The living area has an atmosphere of a public bar, not unfamiliar to Loos.