Name  Jaoul (maison A) 
Street  83 Longchamp, rue de 
District  92200 
Place  Neuilly-sur-Seine 
Country  France 
Built  1955 
Designed  1951 
Type  2 villa's 
Condition  excellent 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Co-operating  G.Samper, A.Wogensky and J.Michel 
Reference  Oeuvre complète de Le Corbusier 1946-52
Description  First, a totally different, plan was made in 1937. In 1951 a new plan was made consisting of two houses: One for André Jaoul and the other for his son Michel Jaoul. The second house was delayed for two years. In the meantime the father died and there were financial problems. At last in 1955 the two houses were fished. The two houses have one big cellar and garage together.