Name  Twenty villa's 
Place  Côte d'Azure 
Country  France 
Designed  1923 
Type  Housing 
Condition  Own interpretation of Loos's plan 
Photos by  Studio Agram 
Co-operating  Kulka 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 163
nooit gebouwd loos  
Description  A complex of large terraces housing. This block is composed of 5 groups of four villas like you can see in the Kulka drawing. Four groups are back to back organized the fifth could connect to the next houses. The groups are placed in such a way that the floor level of one group is higher than of the other group so the big roof terraces is not in the same level. The higher you get the bigger and luxurious the houses would be. On the ground level the houses are about 100 m2 on the top, the surface is 300 m2. The bloc on the street side consists of garages and studios. In the section, you can see that there is a difference in room heights. Service rooms are low, living areas are higher and the studios have the highest ceilings. When working on this project it became clear that not all stairs had enough headspace, so we had to make several small changes in the plan.