Name  Steiner 
Street  Chimanistrasse 26 
District  XIX 
Place  Vienna 
Country  Astria 
Designed  1922 
Type  House 
Condition  Own interpretation of Loos's plan 
Photos by  Studio Agram 
Reference  Rukschcio nr. 155
nooit gebouwd loos  
Description  There was a plan to rebuild this two-storey cottage. A third floor with a flat roof should be added. It was not an alternation in the way Duschnitz or Mandel were rebuilt, this plan should change the functional and the spatial qualities of the existing house. The construction and the elevations would be altered. However, the three-aisle building should remain the same. The result was not a great "Raumplan" house although some looks through situations were created on the third floor. The house contains two dwellings like the Tzara house in Paris, one for the owner and one for the major-domo in the basement.