Name  Casa Camprubí, 
Street  Calle General Mas 
Place  Cornellā 
Country  Spain 
Built  1928 
Designed  1928 
Type  villa 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Reference  Josep M.Jujol 143
J. M. Jujol by ir R. Saariste and ir V. Ligtelijn  
Description  Seņor Cebria, who was extremely enthusiastic about Jujol's houses, and Torre de la Creu in particular, also had his own house designed by the architect. The house is in the water-meadows of a small local river, and is in fact a rectangular version of Torre de la Creu. There was a real danger of flooding, and because of the possibility of rising damp, Jujol placed the entire building on columns and piers. Later the spaces between the columns were filled in, and farm implements could be stored there. The house has an attractive, roomy hall, created by the division of the floor plan into three. The approach is diagonal to the main structure of the house, which produces a surprising effect in the ground floor plan. The house, which is also known as Casa Cebria or Casa del Rose, clearly demonstrates a more majestic and controlled development in Jujol's work as the years went by.