Name  Fountain 
Street  Plaze Espaņa 
Place  Barcelona 
Country  Spain 
Built  1928 
Designed  1928 
Type  fountain 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Reference  Josep M.Jujol 142
J. M. Jujol by ir R. Saariste and ir V. Ligtelijn  
Description  After he had won the competition for a commemorative fountain, Jujol began elaborating this design whilst the 'palacio' for the world exhibition was still being built. The triangular fountain, decorated with statues, was supposed to be finished before the exhibition opened. He only had four months to complete it, partly because he had been ill. But Jujol was greatly averse to working in a hurry and the project was not finished on time. During the civil war, many of the ornaments were removed, and the fountain is now a poor rendering of what it should have been.