Name  Palacio del Vestido 
Street  Plaze España 
Place  Barcelona 
Country  Spain 
Built  1927 
Designed  1927 
Type  exhibition building 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Reference  Josep M.Jujol 140
J. M. Jujol by ir R. Saariste and ir V. Ligtelijn  
Description  In 1926 preparations were started for the world exhibition in Barcelona. The pavilions were designed by students at the Escuela de Arquitectura. Initially Jujol was commissioned to design the Palacio de Pedagogía, Higiene e Instuticiones Sociales, together with Andrés Calzada. During construction the assignment was altered, to a design for the Palacio del Trabajo (work) and ultimately for the Palacio del Vestido (clothing). In this design, which Jujol completed within forty days, he did not have much freedom. The exterior facing the square had to correspond with the neighboring Classicist 'palace'. And he had to do without the true Jujolian details, as there was insufficient money.