Name  Details in Park Güell 
Street  Olot 
District  Catalonia 
Place  Barcelona 
Country  Spain 
Built  1914 
Designed  1900 
Type  bench in the parc 
Condition  good 
Photos by  R.Saariste 
Co-operating  Jujol worked for Gaudi 
Reference  Josep M.Jujol 53
J. M. Jujol by ir R. Saariste and ir V. Ligtelijn  
Description  Gaudí worked on this project from 1900 to 1914. And this is where we find Jujol's best known work from the days of his collaboration with Gaudí. In 1911 he designed colorful ceramic 'wounds' at the voids left by the omission of columns in the forest of pillars below the large square. He created circles in the ceiling around these rosettes, using all manner of objects - broken bottles, a china doll's head and pottery egg cups. For the bench running along the perimeter of the park, Jujol had piles of ceramic waste dumped in the square, from which he selected the material he intended to use to cover the bench. A mason and two day laborers helped Jujol transform 'el banco' into a mosaic of prosaic pottery, anagrams, hieroglyphics, mottoes and drawings. In 1913 the bench's ceramic 'coat' was finished.