The work of some historically important architects is presented on this site with photos, drawings, and models. The architects currently covered are: Le Corbusier, Jujol, Loos, Duiker, Schinkel, Wright and Melnikov.

The documentation includes recent photos, as well as details concerning place, current state, and background information of the buildings. In addition, designs by Loos which have never been realised, are presented with detailed drawings and photos of models.

The intention is to continue to expand this site with work of more architects. In particular, it is planned to include work that has influenced the development of architecture in its use of space.

You are encouraged to give feedback. It would also be appreciated if you could share any additional information you have relating to the work covered on this site.

Last but not least I have to mention Prof. Dr. Hillert Ibbeken for his magnificent book on Schinkel which I have consulted frequently.

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