Johannes Duiker

Johannes Duiker was born in the Hague (the Netherlands) in 1890. After his study in Delft he formed a partnership with Bijvoet. Together they won an architectural competition for an art academy in Amsterdam, but this art academy has never been built. They opened an office in Zandvoort and worked together until 1925. This is when Bijvoet left for Paris where he associated with Chareau, the person with whom he made the 'maison de verre.' When Bijvoet left, Duiker moved to Amsterdam where Wiebenga helped him with construction for three years. In this period he became one of the leading characters of the modern movement, though he had been a follower of Frank Lloyd Wright before that. Duiker joined the architect circle 'De 8.' He became an editor of the journal 'De 8 en opbouw' in 1932 and continued to fulfil that function until 1935. He was one of the most important functionalist architects in the world. He died after having a severe illness in 1935. As a result, he had not been able to complete some works that he had started, such as Gooiland. For this reason, Bijvoet returned to Holland to finish those works.

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